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Beyond Cannabis Extracts: The Handbook to DIY Concentrates, Hash and Original Methods for Marijuana Extracts


Beyond Cannabis Extracts: The Handbook to DIY Concentrates, Hash and Original Methods for Marijuana Extracts



Make Your Own Hash, Marijuana Concentrates And Other Cannabis Extracts

Marijuana has been a controversial subject for a long time. But with 482 active components found in its glistering resinous flowers, cannabis has tremendous medical potential benefits to offer.
The most common compounds found in cannabis are THC and CBD; These cannabinoids have proven as exceptional for healing, stress relief, uplifting effects and other medicinal qualities for both patients and recreational users of marijuana.
Learn how to Maximize the potential of marijuana strains and take the next step! 

This is one of the most extensive books on cannabis extracts you’ll find in 2017!

This Handbook provides you with comprehensive knowledge and detailed recipes

You'll read everything about the process of turning your potent strains into the best homemade THC & CBD extracts and concentrates.
Learn how to do it yourself and make Hash, Cannabis oil, Rosin, BHO and other various types of hash, cannabis oils and cannabis extracts.
Stop depending on your dispensary and produce your own concentrates right in the comfort of your home.
This efficient guide provides all the information that you; the cannabis enthusiast, aspiring cannasseur or entrepreneur in the cannabusiness needs to know about: it covers marijuana extracts and concentrates; from traditional hash making methods to the latest trends in the cannabis industry. Recipes are easy to understand; step by step methods that will enable you to make these substances yourself!

Here is a list of what you'll learn to make:

  • Traditional Afghan Hash
  • Afghan Temple Balls
  • Indian Charas Hash
  • Red & Yellow Lebanese Hash
  • Traditional Moroccan Hash
  • Morocca
  • Caramello
  • Moroccan Blonde Hash
  • Moroccan strain specific Hash
  • Traditional Nepalese Hash
  • Dutch hash
  • Bubble Hash or Iceolator
  • Dry sieve hash
  • Scissor or Finger Hash
  • Critical CO2 Extracted Bubble Hash

And extracts:

  • Rick Simpson Oil
  • Rosin Tech
  • Butane Hash Oil or BHO (Glass, Shatter, Budder, Wax, Pull & Snap)
  • Cannabis Oil