Good Hope Hydroponics Clearance, Consignment, and Open BoxEmail Order Request to:
Predator Lighting Cobra 6 Reflector Fair 2$164.0039%$99.95
Predator Lighting King Cobra 8 ReflectorNew/Consignment2$217.0031%$149.95
Radiant Reflector - Air Coolable (no lamp chord)Fair 1$144.9566%$49.95
Xtrasun Convertable 400w BallastClearance1$139.0042%$79.95
Galaxy Digital Logic 1000 Watt Select-A-Watt 400/600/1000Open Box0$270.9526%$199.95
Quantum 400W Digital Ballast, 120/240V DimmableClearance1$159.9538%$99.95
Phantom Variable Watt Digital Ballast, 250W/400WClearance1$209.9540%$124.95
Go Green 400 LED Full Spectrum 200wOpen Box0$649.0054%$299.95
LEC Sunsystem Combo 315w Phillips 3kOpen Box0$609.958%$559.95
Ultra Sun® MH 1000 Watt DE 6,000°K LampVery Good2$139.9529%$99.95
Ultra Sun® Metal Halide Conversion Lamps Very Good2$97.9522%$75.95
Oxygen Pot Systems Controller Bucket (Tubing not included)Good0$314.9530%$219.95
Oxygen Pot Systems Expansion Kit (6 Buckets only)Good0$149.9533%$99.95
44 Gal Brute Reservoir with DolleyGood0$44.9533%$29.95
Sunspot SL MH/HPS Ballast / 1000WGood1$135.0026%$99.95
EYE HORTILUX Super HPS / 1000W, U Lamp E-25Tested OK0$130.0054%$59.95
Sun System BlockBuster® Generation 3 Air-Cooled Reflector / 8"Good0$217.9531%$149.95
Gorilla Grow Tent 5x9Fair 1$775.9536%$499.95
Gorilla Grow Tent Lite 4x8Good1$479.9925%$359.95
DuraBreeze Inline Fan 6"Good1$119.9525%$89.95
DuraBreeze Inline Fan 8"Good1$157.0027%$114.95
Titan Controls Mercury 4 - Multi-Function Fan Speed ControllerVery Good1$119.9525%$89.95
Phantom DE 6" Air Cooled ReflectorGood0$169.9541%$99.95
Titan Controls® Helios® 1 - 4 Light 120 Volt Controller with TimerGood0$233.9536%$149.95
Sun System 1 DE Digital Dimable BallastVery Good1$289.9521%$229.95